Vice President, Advancement and International

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

May 10, 2019
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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The Vice President, Advancement and International, is accountable for providing direct leadership to the following:

  • an Executive Assistant;
  • three Associate Vice Presidents:

-              AVP Advancement

-              AVP Communications & Marketing

-              AVP Strategy

  • and future positions under consideration.


Knowledge and Skills

General Accountabilities

The Vice President, Advancement and International is accountable to the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for:

  • Leading major initiatives impacting Saskatchewan Polytechnic-wide planning;
  • Instilling innovation and a strong entrepreneurial spirit across the organization through strategic Partnership development and project management initiatives;
  • International strategy and development;
  • Business Development Strategy; and
  • Growth of donor and alumni initiatives.

The office of Advancement and International will introduce and promote:

  • A culture of continuous improvement;
  • Responsiveness and stewardship through an enterprise risk management framework;
  • Direct the development of internal and external communication and marketing strategies consistent with organizational priorities;
  • Lead the development of donor and alumni initiatives;
  • Lead the development and growth of international initiatives;
  • Lead domestic business development; and
  • Lead development of strategy and innovation.

This office, under the direction of the President and CEO, is a key resource to the Board of Directors and Senior Management in planning and reporting, and will lead in collaboration and engagement with multiple levels of internal and external stakeholders and the broader community.

Specific Accountabilities

The incumbent provides leadership in developing, enhancing and implementing a wide variety of planning development and governance functions that are aligned with the overall strategic goals of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and is accountable for the following:

  1. Institutional Development / Advancement
    • Leads the development and growth of domestic business opportunities for Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
    • Provides strategic leadership focused on enhancing the institute’s relationships with alumni through an expansion of opportunities for lifelong engagement.
    • Champions and leads the development of donor and fundraising strategies.
    • Creates and leads opportunities for developing a culture of innovation within the organization.
    • Provides strategic leadership in increasing Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s profile as a global, technologically advanced institution that provides cost-effective opportunities relevant to the practical needs of learners and employers.
  1. International Strategic Development and Implementation
  • Leads the identification of key international markets.
  • Develops an overall international strategy with an aggressive growth mind-set.
  • Collaboratively plans and delivers international strategic objectives with internal Saskatchewan Polytechnic stakeholders.
  • Maintains a strong pulse on the changing international education landscape and associated opportunities.
  1. Organizational Governance and Strategy Leadership
  • Aligns strategic planning and governance initiatives and activities with Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s mission, vision and strategic business objectives.
  • Provides direction in implementing policies, guidelines, processes and practices that govern all aspects of advancement external development and are consistent throughout the institution.
  • Provides corporate leadership in the implementation of an accountability framework and corresponding reporting mechanisms and processes.
  • Leads and champions evidence-based business and quality improvement initiatives across the organization including key performance indicators.
  • Provides organizational leadership to the development and maintenance of institutional and strategic objectives for risk management while maintaining operational excellence and stewardship.
  • Leads the development of the Multi-Year Business Plan.
  1. Corporate Communications and Marketing
  • Provides vision and leadership to the development and execution of marketing strategies that promote and advance the Saskatchewan Polytechnic brand.
  • Leads enterprise-wide internal and external communication strategies and initiatives that promote and advance the organization’s strategic vision and goals.
  • Identifies research and measurement activities and opportunities to support relevance and effectiveness of internal and external communication and marketing strategies.
  • Advises on the communications implications of organizational strategies. Ensures development of communications activities that advance internal and external understanding of, and engagement in, organizational strategy.
  1. Divisional Strategic Planning
  • Participates as a member of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Senior Management Assembly in the development of the Multi-Year Business Plan.
  • Champions divisional priorities as set out in the Multi-Year Business Plan and works with the Senior Leadership Team in pursuit of these objectives.
  • Ensures plans are aligned with the Saskatchewan Polytechnic strategic plan and directions set by the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Board of Directors and Senior Management Council.
  • Monitors and adapts the divisional strategic plan to ensure agility in the face of emerging trends, changing priorities and changing needs of key stakeholders.
  • Oversees all divisional operations and implement processes to increase operational efficiency.
  1. Relationship Management


  • Works closely with the President, Provost and Vice President, Academic, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Administrative Services, Associate Vice Presidents, Deans and Directors to facilitate a process so that Advancement & International execution is accomplished in an integrated fashion across the organization.
  • Builds and maintains relationships among the various work units.
  • Builds and maintains relationships across both academic and administrative divisions.


  • Liaises with government ministries to share planning priorities.
  • Engages external industry/community stakeholders to determine perspectives on Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s direction and communicates Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s planning priorities.
  • Engages consultants as appropriate for coordinating surveys and/or facilitating planning processes.
  1. People Management
  • Ensures a positive, diverse and inclusive work and learning environment.
  • In partnership with Human Resources, works to effectively recruit and retain outstanding staff.
  • Coaches, develops and mentors direct reports to ensure their success.
  • Holds employees accountable for outcomes and a high level of performance by addressing people management issues within the division in a timely manner.
  • Plans for future key leadership roles by ensuring succession, and workforce planning initiatives are implemented within the division.
  1. Resource Allocation
  • Ensures resource allocation for all programs and services are aligned with the Multi-Year Business Plan.
  • Develops and manages both operational and capital budgets in accordance with divisional objectives; monitors the division’s progress in meeting divisional objectives, project plans and priorities as set in the Multi-Year Business Plan.
  • Develops innovative solutions to resource challenges while ensuring alignment with and support of Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s strategic goals
  • Ensures compliance with federal and provincial laws, regulations, Saskatchewan Polytechnic policies and collective agreements.
  • Ensures the general safeguarding and stewardship of all resources within the division.






Position requirements include:

  • Graduate degree in a relevant field such as accounting, business administration, finance, or education with at least ten (10) years of experience in a senior management role with experience supervising staff at a senior level
  • Experience with international development and business development in an educational setting would be an asset.
  • Experience working with a Board of Directors, and a variety of external stakeholders such as government and various international, national, provincial, local agencies, would be considered as assets.

Core Competencies

The following five competencies are Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Core Competencies, which support Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s mission, vision and values.

  • Communication

Demonstrates an ability to communicate effectively in a wide variety of situations including face-to-face, over the phone and in writing.

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

Demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively within a team, and with individuals throughout the organization, to achieve optimal results.

  • Knowledge and Expertise

Demonstrates proficiency in the knowledge and skills specific to the position and uses expertise to serve the objectives of both the department and organization as a whole.

  • Client Focus

Demonstrates a high level of focus on client service, setting priorities based on client needs and continuously seeking ways to meet and exceed client expectations.

  • Valuing Diversity

Demonstrates the promotion of a workplace where diversity is welcomed, valued and expressed in ancestry, thought and practice.

Leadership Competencies

As a senior leader at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the VP Advancement and International will also be required to demonstrate the following leadership competencies:

  • Leads Transformation

Anticipates emerging trends and creates opportunities that shape and transform the organization and polytechnic sector in Canada.

  • Inspires Courage & Innovation

Models and enables creative thinking, curiosity, and calculated risk taking to create new solutions.

  • Cultivates Strong Relationships

Builds strong and trusting relationships and brings a stakeholder and learner-centric mind set and focus to all elements of the organization.

  • Drives Operational Excellence

Leverages business insight, financial acumen, and operational rigor to maximize productivity and build long-term, sustainable success.

  • Builds Leadership & Culture

Brings authenticity, emotional intelligence and accountability to develop leadership effectiveness in individuals, teams, and our culture.

How to Apply



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