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January 12, 2021
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Project Background

CICan is coordinating the development and implementation of an accelerated online training program with a field placement leading to a microcertificate program to train personal care provider assistants (PCPA) and to provide a pathway for graduates to transition and become fully credentialed Personal Care Providers (PCPs).

The project objectives include, to:

  • Develop a flexible and accelerated online training and paid placement program to prepare unemployed and underemployed Canadians to work as PCPAs inthe long-term and home care sector across the country;
  • Provide training and employment opportunities to unemployed individuals or displaced workers who are financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis by matching new PCPAs who have completed the online training with employers, and providing wage subsidies to employers that provide new PCPAswith a work placement;
  • Contribute to reducing the longer-term labour shortage in the long-term and home care sector by developing and implementing a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and bridging—in framework that offers a possible pathway to full certification for PCPAs who pursue additional training subsequent to the project; and
  • Conduct research and stakeholder consultations for the development of pan-Canadian occupational standards and/or a core competency framework for PCPs and facilitate a process to advance its validation and adoption.

CICan requires the services of a consultant to share expert advice and project management services throughout the project development.  In particular, the consultant will be responsible for coordinating the work of a Pan-Canadian working group of colleges and institutes and three lead institutions, responsible for developing a microcertificate program for assistant personal care providers composed of a pre-assessment and Recognition Framework, a 6-week online Training Curriculum Development and a 4-month Paid Work Placement Criteria and Specifications.

The national working group will be composed of a about 20 individuals from colleges and institutes from across Canada and will virtually meet on a weekly basis.

Throughout the duration of the assigned activities and under the direction of CICan and the consultant, members of the National Working Group will work in close collaboration with each other and engage with stakeholders from long-term and home care sectors, provincial healthcare/continuing care authorities, and labour associations among others, to provide lead institutions with advice, guidance, resources, teaching material, and feedback on the program design elements.

The lead institution 1 will design and develop an asynchronous online training curriculum for the PCPA micro-certificate program in both French and English languages, the lead institution 2 will develop the pathways and resources for bridging from the PCPA microcredential to PCP certificates and the lead institution 3 will contribute to the field placement module and develop the field placement process and associated resources.

The activities and responsibilities of the consultant described below will be refined and confirmed during the assignment and may be subject to adjustment over the life of the project.



Knowledge and Skills

Minimum requirements:

  • Minimum of 10 years of experience at a senior level within the Canadian college system
  • Minimum 10 years experience within the healthcare system
  • Proven knowledge of the Canadian college system
  • Strong experience with curriculum development and design
  • Experience in group facilitation
  • Strong knowledge of personal care provider role
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be able to demonstrate strategic and intelligent thinking
  • Graduate degree in medical/healthcare or educational field

Duties and Responsibilities

The consultant will contribute in the following capacity:

January – March 2021

Assistant Personal Care Provider program development


  1. Overall Project Planning
    • Develop a governance structure and workplan. This will include activities and milestones, timelines as well as assigned roles and responsibilities for both the working group and lead institutions. The workplan will also outline the expectations and goals to be met.
    • With the support of the CICan project team, contribute to the development of the collaboration tools for the working group.
    • Carry out research activities as required to inform the development of the project plan.


  1. National Working Group coordination
    • Responsible for ongoing communications with the working group members;
    • With logistical support from the CICan project team, responsible for organizing and facilitating working group weekly meetings;
    • Assigning and tracking of working group activities,
    • Ensuring objectives are met
    • Facilitation of peer review process;
    • Liaison with instructional designers;
    • Liaison with advisors from workers organization and employer partners;
    • Conduct consultation with external stakeholders, including long term, home care employers, Unions, provincial/territorial departments of health and education​ to integrate all relevant perspectives;
    • Review the work of the working group
    • Plan for delivery implementation, including the development of a business model for sharing costs and tuition revenues among delivery institutions;
    • Write a report capturing feedback, lessons learned and make relevant recommendations for the improvement of the online program.

As the working group facilitator, the consultant will be responsible for giving direction and helping participants reach decisions and accomplish goals. The duties of the consultant include working with groups to clarify meeting content, objectives and to establish ground rules and governance. The consultant duties also involve selecting appropriate methods and tools that will enable participants to achieve results. When problems or issues come up, the consultant will work with CICan and the group to resolve conflict and return to goals. The consultant will ensure that input from all participants are taken into consideration.


How to Apply

Assignment : From January 25th to March 31st 2021

Maximum budget : $50,000
Please send your resume and an application proposal with a proposed budget (max 5 pages) before January 19th, 2021 at 5pm. EST, to

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