College Secretary

Douglas College

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June 10, 2021
New Westminster, Canada
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Annual Salary
A - Pay Band 6


The College Secretary is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the activities of the Board of Directors and its various committees, to ensure the effective and efficient operation of Board governance. The Secretary works closely with the Chair of the Board, the Board Committee Chairs, the President, and the Senior Management Team, to provide support, research, and advice on matters concerning governance policy and process. The Secretary also serves as the central point of contact between the Board of Directors and the broader College community.

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Extensive knowledge of governance principles and practices, as evidenced by at least five (5) years of related work experience.
  2. Familiarity with relevant legislation and a solid understanding of bicameral governance, preferably in a post-secondary environment.
  3. Highly organized and responsive; able to work effectively under pressure and without direction to meet critical deadlines.
  4. Strong problem-solving skills; demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment and discretion in handling confidential and sensitive matters.
  5. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; adept at forming effective relationships and interacting with a diverse group of people.
  6. Experience working with senior executives and Board members; ability to liaise effectively with government, key stakeholders, and other institutions.
  7. Highly accountable; proven ability to contribute effectively as part of a team.
  8. Strong business writing skills and experience drafting policy and procedures.
  9. Strong technological skills, including web management and editing.
  10. Post-Secondary degree from a recognized institution, or, an equivalent combination of education and experience

The College Secretary will also demonstrate the following competencies.

  • Organizationally Astute – Is diplomatic and tactful; non-confrontational; recognizes internal and external sensitivities; has an intuitive ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions; uses sound judgment.
  • Professional and Ethical Behaviour – Ability to demonstrate integrity, credibility, confidentiality and responsibility in all interactions. Possesses high ethical standards and an honest, open and consistent approach to working with peers, employees and staff.
  • Communications Skills – Possesses strong communication skills, both verbal, and written and expresses thoughts in an organized, concise manner. Actively listens to the issues of others in a manner that elicits co-operation and support. Demonstrates an effective and adaptive skill in communicating with students/individuals under stress. Develops and delivers effective presentations. Has the ability to present information and ideas to diverse groups.
  • Effective Working Relationships – Treats staff, colleagues, and students with respect; resolves conflicts respectfully and in a timely way; negotiates effectively, and provides effective and constructive feedback.
  • Relevant Knowledge – Possesses relevant and current knowledge of governance. Strives to stay current in his/her field and is committed to continuous learning.
  • Innovative – Develops new ideas, and effectively moves them forward. Takes advantage of opportunities that arise, with appropriate consideration of budget limitations and strategic objectives.
  • Employee Centric– Anticipates, responds, and attends to the needs of employees and members of the College community.
  • Administrative Skills – Strong organizational skills; effective time management skills; self‐motivated and self‐directed; able to recognize important issues and prioritize effectively.
  • Energetic and Adaptable – Is prepared to take on longer-term initiatives and does so with enthusiasm; has the ability to adapt to new and changing situations; able to alter course/direction when necessary; enjoys and embraces new challenges. Flexible; able to deal with stress effectively.

Duties and Responsibilities

Accountable to the Board and reporting on a day-to-day basis to the President, the College Secretary is responsible for:

Board Logistics and Planning

  1. In consultation with the Board Chair, committee chairs, the President, and where appropriate, other designated executives:
    • Develops and manages Board and committee work plans and calendars
    • Monitors goals, priorities, and commitments to ensure they are achieved in a timely manner
    • Prepares Board and committee meeting agendas

Support to the Chair and Board

  1. Provides support and advice to the Board Chair in performing his/her role, including preparing relevant briefing documents, and drafting responses to stakeholders.
  2. In support of the Board, works closely with the President and other members of the Executive Team, on Board-related matters.

Governance Policy and Compliance

  1. Works closely with the Board/committees on the development and implementation of effective governance policies and processes including drafting policy and procedures for Board/Committee approval as appropriate.
  2. Researches and stays abreast of current trends in governance and keeps Board members apprised of best practices.
  3. Monitors changes in regulatory requirements, legislation, or government direction relating to Board governance.
  4. Provides support for Board succession planning, recruitment, and appointment processes; liaises with ministry and other government officials as required.
  5. Coordinates orientation for new Board members and ongoing education for all Board members; supports Board members in understanding their roles and responsibilities.

Board Administration and Coordination

  1. Serves as Executive Assistant to the Board and recorder for Board and committee meetings; maintains the official record books of minutes, bylaws, policies, and other public and confidential documents of the Board and its committees.
  2. Effectively communicates all decisions, actions, directives, and important information items following from Board/committee meetings to the appropriate individuals or stakeholders; ensures timely communication of advice and recommendations from Education Council to the Board.
  3. Administers the Board information portal, ensuring appropriate access and security over highly confidential information; manages resources and content available to Board members.
  4. Administers the public College Board website, ensuring transparency of Board policies, activities and decisions; creates and updates public content as appropriate.
  5. Manages the Board budget and oversees Board expenditures.
  6. Provides administrative support for individual Board members.

How to Apply

Special Instructions To Applicant

Interested applicants must submit their application and all required documents online by June 27, 2021. Please ensure your resume clearly explains how you meet the required knowledge, skills and abilities of the position for which you are applying. Candidates selected for an interview may be required to provide original certificates and diplomas of educational credentials noted on their resume.

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