Dean, Centre for Technology, Environment and Design

Lethbridge College

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May 29, 2024
Lethbridge College, Canada
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Reporting to the Vice President Academic and Research, the Dean, Centre for Technology, Environment and Design (CTED) champions academic innovation, teaching and learning and applied research within their Centre while ensuring high quality learning experiences and operational effectiveness. The Dean is a member of Deans Council and College Leadership Council (CLC) and provides strong administrative direction and leadership for the overall growth and operational leadership of the institution. The Dean will contribute to the strategic leadership of the college through active participation in the development and implementation of the College’s strategic priorities. The Dean must facilitate appropriate courses of action to ensure that the present needs of the college and community are met and generate strategies for meeting the future needs.

The Dean, CTED has two direct reports:

  • Associate Dean
  • Senior Administrative Assistant


The Dean works closely with Program Chairs, technicians, lab coordinator and instructional assistants.

Duties and Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities:

1. General Administration

The Dean’s role in Administration is demonstrated by:

  • Being knowledgeable, conversant, and able to interpret all relevant contracts, policies and procedures of the College and ensuring implementation.
  • Addressing issues that arise out of the operation of instructional programs and seeking methods to resolve the issues whether they be student, faculty or operational.
  • Ensuring that relevant health and safety standards and processes are maintained in the Centre and that College Safety policies and procedures are followed.
  • Ensuring proper management of the College resources occurs, which includes:
    • Creating, monitoring, and administering operational budgets
    • Creation and vetting of capital replacement plans.
    • Providing leadership in the support of admissions and retention strategies


2. Program and Curriculum Development

The Dean’s role in Program and Curriculum Planning and Development is demonstrated by:

  • Ensuring ongoing program viability and quality is achieved through:
    • learner pathways.
    • active and relevant Advisory Committees for programs.
    • transfer agreements with other post-secondary institutions.
    • internal quality control processes that evaluate program health on an annual basis; and
    • program reviews and renewals where appropriate.
  • Providing leadership in program reviews and making decisions related to programs and courses in accordance with College policy and process
  • Providing leadership in the identification and development of new program opportunities and directions
  • Providing leadership in the development and implementation of applied research and business development opportunities
  • Finalizing enrolment projections to determine program directions and appropriately allocating resources.


3. Strategic Planning and Leadership

The Dean’s role in strategic planning and leadership is demonstrated by:

  • Contributing to institutional priorities
  • Facilitating strategic planning and implementation within the College to the Centres, Schools, and Programs
  • Developing and implementing the Centre Action Plan
  • Contributing to College policy development
  • Integrating and coordinating activity across the college in alignment with college direction
  • Enhancing and further developing well-established external partnerships with key stakeholders across all program areas
  • Guiding the applied research planning for supporting Centre-based applied research activity focused on the core strengths of the Centre that is aligned with the needs of industry and the community while supporting institutional applied research goals.
  • Ensuring that Centre feedback, issues, and concerns are communicated in the planning and decision-making processes of the College.
  • Ensuring that college, Centre, and School directions and requirements are shared with staff.
  • Providing leadership to institutional committees, projects, and initiatives
  • Ensuring Centre budgets are driven by the Strategic Enrolment Management Plan and support the strategic institutional priorities.
  • Participating in annual review of the strategic program mix for Lethbridge College


4. Development and Support

The Dean is responsible for the implementation of College procedures regarding the following:

  • Recruiting and hiring of faculty and staff
  • Evaluating faculty and staff
  • Creating professional development plans for Faculty and Staff that support the continued growth of the person while meeting institutional needs.
  • Making continuing employment decisions regarding faculty and staff
  • Allocating budget resources for the development of faculty and staff


The Dean supports development of leadership skills through activities such as:

  • Coaching and mentoring Chairs and managers in their development as academic and support service leaders.
  • Consulting with and assisting Chairs in their academic leadership roles with respect to:
    • Program maintenance and development
    • Faculty support and development
    • Student success
    • Internal and External Liaising
    • Divisional and College planning
  • Supporting and modelling a culture of lifelong learning, continuous personal and professional development, leadership enhancement and excellence in teaching and learning
  • Modelling attitudes and behaviors consistent with the College vision, mission, values, and leadership philosophy


5. External and Internal Liaison

The Dean provides leadership in ensuring effective communication, collaboration, and liaison with internal and external parties:


  • Ensuring effective communication between departments and college administration
  • Consultation between college divisions and service areas
  • Coordinating intra departmental and inter departmental communication.
  • Coordinating departmental communication with college committees and facilitating participation on college committees



  • Acting as the contact person for consultation with relevant regulatory and professional associations
  • Acting as liaison with other education institutions
  • Acting as a liaison with industry and other external partners in the fostering of applied research and other business development opportunities
  • Acting as the College representative on various councils, committees, boards, etc. regionally, provincially, nationally, and internationally


The ideal candidate will have a strong commitment to the field of education and the status and authority required to contribute to the overall leadership of Lethbridge College. The successful candidate will possess well-developed interpersonal skills, be a visionary, able to lead the Centre in all its activities. In addition, they will possess:


  • A minimum of a master’s degree in a relevant discipline, however a doctorate is strongly preferred
  • A commensurate combination of education and experience will be considered


  • Progressive leadership experience within a post-secondary educational environment
  • Experience establishing, fostering, and managing a clear strategic direction in partnership with key stakeholders
  • A record of commitment to successful student learning
  • Experience working within a complex, multi-union environment, preferably with knowledge of educational practice
  • Experience using technology to improve the quality of learning and teaching
  • Experience in moving projects and issues forward to successful completion
  • Experience in program development and evaluation
  • An understanding of Applied Research and its potential
  • Proven record of management and administration of human and financial resources, facilities, and information technology
  • Experience working with governments and industry

How to Apply

Apply online using the following link: