Dean, Donald School of Business

Red Deer College

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March 20, 2020
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Job Type
Annual Salary
100K and above
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Red Deer College is hiring for Dean, Donald School of Business to support us in our transition to Red Deer University.  While we recognize that we are in unprecedented circumstances as the world navigates through this pandemic, we are balancing our responsibility in pandemic planning as well as institutional continuity for the long term. To that end, we look forward to having you on our team.

The role of the Dean, Donald School of Business (DSB) is to contribute to strategic leadership of the College and to provide leadership to their School in support of a learner-centred environment. At Red Deer College (RDC), Deans are members of RDC’s Senior Administration team and report directly to the Vice President Academic and Research. As leaders within the academic portfolio, Deans play a significant role in the governance of the institution as a whole, in addition to their specific School. In collaboration with the Vice President Academic and Research, Associate Deans, and other Senior Leaders, Deans implement College and School goals to ensure that an effective learning environment is maintained. The Dean plays a key role in creating and maintaining a network of communication that facilitates integrated planning to support the overarching institutional strategic direction. In addition, the Dean may carry out other roles and projects as requested by the Vice President, Academic and Research.

The ideal candidate will be a visionary leader with a PhD in a related field, will have experience in a post- secondary environment, and will have a learner-centred mindset. They will have the ability to effectively manage the needs of their faculty, their students, and their School, while developing effective relationships with their fellow Senior Administrators. The ideal Dean is a mentor to their Associate Dean and an experienced manager of budgets, personnel, and fundraising/external relationships.

The Dean will be a leader to the Donald School of Business and will maintain responsibility for making complex decisions in an environment of shifting priorities and fiscal constraint. Under the Dean’s leadership the School will contribute to the long lasting, positive impact that the continued success of RDC, soon to be RDU, will have on the entire Central Alberta Community.


Knowledge and Skills

Professional Experience

  • 5-10 years experience in a private or public sector environment where there is demonstrated success with public and private partnerships and a strong commitment to collaborative ventures that benefit student learning
  • 5-10 years experience in a strategic leadership role with demonstrated success in effective implementation
  • Demonstrated tolerance for ambiguity and reasonable risk taking, plus 5-10 years progressively responsible leadership experience using a team based approach


  • Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated success developing and expanding discipline and/or industry/business network
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with other senior administrative leaders in achieving organizational goals
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully work across organizational lines and divisions in furthering organizational goals
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in leadership and the management of change initiatives
  • Demonstrated evidence of contributing to your community and in engaging the community in support of program and facility planning

Competencies Required in this Position

Self Awareness, Self Mastery

  • Awareness of one’s preferences, traits, and behaviours and the impact they can have on others
  • Emotional intelligence in managing own and others’ feelings and behaviours
  • Ability to promote a positive environment through honesty, integrity, and ethical behaviour

Self Reflective Practice

  • Provides clear evidence of intentionality for application of learnings through self reflection

Values and Ethics

  • Serving through Integrity and Respect

Strategic Thinking

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Vision/Transformation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Interpretation Skills

Interpersonal Skills

  • Communication in an open, honest and clear style, to promote and enhance an open and collaborative environment
  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback in a climate of cooperation and respect
  • Ability to establish professional connections related to program development and community and student engagement

Decision Making

  • Demonstrates consistency, persistence, and accountability in action taken

Building Teamwork & Community

  • Ability to develop and implement processes to build teams
  • Promote, enhance, and facilitate a collaborative, cooperative and supportive environment where individuals work together

Developing & Inspiring Others and Modelling the Way

  • Ability to facilitate an environment of growth and success
  • Encourage, support, and respect the goals, aspirations and contributions of others
  • Be a positive role model, and mentor/coach

Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic Planning and Leadership

  • Ensures the vision and strategic plan for the DSB aligns with and supports Red Deer College’s vision, mission and mandate
  • Contributes to College policy development
  • Contributes to the overall planning, direction and achievement of the College goals
  • Integrates and coordinates activity across their School in alignment with College direction
  • Facilitates strategic planning and implementation within School and College
  • Ensures that School feedback, issues, and concerns are communicated in the planning and decision-making processes of the College
  • Ensures that College and School directions and requirements are shared with School faculty and staff
  • Provides leadership to specified committees, projects, and initiatives
  • Establishes and meets revenue and expense targets
  • Actively participates in and provides leadership in academic and institutional governance, and on other committees such as senior administration representation, as appropriate

Academic Partnerships

  • Demonstrates keen awareness and responsiveness to stakeholders
  • Undertakes and supports appropriate business partnerships to provide opportunities for collaboration and benefit the goals and objectives of the institution and the School

Program Leadership

  • Ensures a vibrant and robust program mix that meets the needs of students and employers
  • Facilitates the development and implementation of new programs that meet or exceed accreditation or transfer standards
  • Ensures regular program and curriculum review, ensuring that existing programs and curriculum meet or exceed accreditation or transfer
  • Participates in the consultation and communication with government ministries and accrediting bodies regarding RDC program approvals, changes, reporting, and funding

Student Recruitment and Retention

  • Provides leadership for the development of School and program specific student recruitment and retention plans
  • Establishes and meets enrollment targets

Personnel Management

  • Guides and builds leadership capacity by sustaining a learner-centred philosophy
  • Operationalizes and interprets Collective Agreements and College Policy
  • Facilitates effective recruitment and retention of direct reports
  • Demonstrates accountability for Occupational Health & Safety responsibilities
  • Develops successful structure and processes to ensure the effective distribution and delegation of work
  • Develops and maintains a collaborative team culture

Financial Management

  • Responsibility and accountability for financial planning, budgeting, reporting and forecasting for the School(s) to meet established College and School(s) goals

Internal and External Liaison
The Dean provides leadership in ensuring effective communication, collaboration, and liaison with internal and external parties:

  • Ensures two way communication between their School and administration
  • Consults between academic Schools and service areas
  • Coordinate intra- divisional and inter- divisional communicate Coordinate divisional communicate with committee and facilitates participation on committee


  • Acts as the contact person for consultation with relevant regulatory and profession association
  • Acts as liaison with other post-secondary institutions
  • Acts as the College representative on provincial post- secondary committee Acts as the College representative for various community organization

Community Relations

  • In collaboration with the Vice President Academic and Research, Business Development Division and Community Relations Division:
    - Establishes priorities for fund development needs within their School(s) and develops strategies to achieve fund development goals
    - Engages with prospective donors/sponsors , Alumni, and in the stewardship of existing relationship and development of future prospects
    - Supports reciprocal prospect development and engagement with School of Continuing Education programs
  • Demonstrates community involvement and engagement in support of program and facility planning, student recruitment, establishing community service learning and research opportunities for faculty and learners.



  • Minimum of an earned PhD achieved from a recognized institution.

How to Apply

Note: Red Deer College will only accept applications for this job through the original job posting found on our Employment website. To view the original job posting and to apply today, please visit: