Dean, Learning, Teaching and Scholarship

Centennial College

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July 16, 2021
Toronto, Canada
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Centennial College is Ontario's first community college. It was established in 1966 and primarily serves the
eastern portion of the Greater Toronto Area through five campuses and 11 satellite International offices. Our
college is best known for its record of exemplary teaching, innovative programming and extensive
partnership building.


The Dean, Learning, Teaching and Scholarship (the Dean) is accountable for building capacity for the
effective delivery of academic offerings and retention goals of the College by providing functional leadership
over learning and professional development for faculty and academic leaders, contributing to the
organizational learning and development of the College. The Dean provides the framework for, and leads
the integration of, the principles and practices of a learning college. The Dean promotes and drives teaching
excellence and engagement in scholarship. The Dean is accountable for the integration of the principles of
diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the Centre for Faculty Development and Teaching Innovation, as well
as to all academic schools through faculty and academic leadership development in the College.
The Dean plans, consults, identifies, and implements organizational change interventions and initiatives that
will support and enable senior academic management to meet academic-related strategic plan and business
plan goals.

The Dean, as a key member of Leadership Forum, is accountable for senior level leadership and assists the
President and the Executive Team in the provision of direction to the Deans/Academic Directors with respect
to teaching and learning issues and trends impacting the Academic Division. The Dean is responsible for
monthly Academic Leadership meetings and the provision of key, in-time communications and learning
opportunities for academic managers.

The Dean leads and guides working groups/advisory committees in the planning, development, delivery and
evaluation of comprehensive professional development programs for all faculty and academic managers
that align and support the goals in the 3 Es Framework, Strategic Plan, Academic Plan, Academic Division
Business Plan, and emerging organizational needs. The Dean provides vision, leadership and support to the
integration of a number of strategic directions in the delivery of the full range of program offerings by the
College, including but not limited to academic technology, equity and inclusion, anti-racist pedagogy,
Universal Design for Learning and accessibility, and decolonization and Indigenization.

The Dean directs the core faculty developmental learning functions of the College and is accountable for
the performance of the Centre for Faculty Development and Teaching Innovation, and the role of its staff in
delivering faculty development programs and providing support, advice and resources to faculty and
academic managers.

The Dean leads the development and implementation of professional development, programming, and
interventions that will drive teaching excellence and innovation through best practice, experimentation, the
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and participation in other scholarly activity resulting in curriculum and
learning innovation. This includes, but is not limited to, Indigenization of teaching and learning, anti-racist
pedagogies, technology integration/online learning, Universal Design for Learning, social innovation,
changemaking, open pedagogy, and experiential learning.

The Dean participates in the development of strategic faculty development plans that focus on the
development of pedagogical skills and knowledge and ability to carry out the responsibility to contribute to
the learning experience and the strategic directions of the College through orientation, reflective practice
processes, professional development, and mechanisms for engaging faculty in the exploration of teaching

The Dean is responsible for representing Centennial College at and ensuring that Centennial College actively
participates in Ontario-wide college teaching and learning activities and projects relating to their areas of
responsibility and promoting positive relations with federal, provincial, and municipal government and other
funding agencies.

Reporting to the Associate Vice President, Learning Innovation, Teaching Excellence, and Academic Quality,
the Dean is accountable for all aspects of the administration of the department including financial and
human resource management.

Knowledge and Skills

Leadership for Academic Professional Development and Learning

  • Establishes the department’s yearly business plan, priorities, and objectives that support the College’s
    Strategic and Business plans
  • Develops and sponsors learning to promote research and scholarship within the College, provides
    support and programming to build faculty and staff capacity for research related to learning and
    teaching (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)
  • Provides leadership for the integration of appropriate academic technologies in the learning and
    teaching activities of the College across face-to-face, online and hybrid modes of delivery
  • Contributes to the development of College policies and operating procedures related to the teaching
    and learning activities of the portfolio, to meet the need of students, client groups, community partners,
    government ministries/agencies, and provides learning and support for these policies
  • Works with schools and departments to develop learning strategies for teaching, learning and learner
    engagement, retention, and success
  • Leads in the development, delivery and evaluation of learning and development opportunities for all
    Centennial faculty and academic leaders that support participation at their fullest potential
  • Collaborates with academic schools, other departments in the Academic division, as well as People and
    Equity, Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services (ARIES), the Centre for Academic
    Quality, International Education, Libraries, and other departments in the development and evaluation
    of new and ongoing faculty development initiatives
  • Builds capacity for the development and implementation of culturally and racially responsive and
    inclusive curriculum and pedagogy
  • Leads and supports organizational change initiatives and interventions related to teaching and learning
    and prepares action plans for Executive Team consideration and approval
  • Collaboratively develops leadership programming that engages academic management employees in
    acquiring, developing and operating in a manner that fits with the desired behaviors outlined in the
    college leadership competencies framework
  • Consults regularly with relevant employee groups to determine the critical training and development
    needs that will enable achievement of the strategic and academic business plan and Academic Plan
    goals of the College
  • Establishes relationships with other colleges, universities, and affinity groups to remain current in best
    practices in faculty development
  • Develops and manages the academic division’s professional development budget ensuring positive
    return on investment
  • Provides a range of mentoring resources for College faculty and academic leaders

Human Resources Management, Development and Financial Management

  • Provides leadership and support to academic administrators and faculty to achieve the school vision of
    being a leader in post-secondary academic programming
  • Manages a highly unionized professional team, functions within the context of collective agreements
  • Oversees the preparation and analysis of departmental budget projections and financial reports including
    forecasts and budgets
  • Reviews and monitors program expenditures
  • Negotiates contracts with service providers and contractors on behalf of the College
  • Ensures that all internally and externally funded projects are completed on time and within the budget


  • Develops and implements a communication plan for service delivery that uses internal portal and web
    channels, broadcast messages, and electronic sharing of templates and forms to ensure that:  school teams, academic support areas, and relevant service departments are informed of services
  • provided and mechanisms to use the services;
  • services are communicated and delivered in ways that align with College mission and vision; and
  • Provides guidance and advice on both an individual and small group basis to school staff (management
    teams and faculty teams), and to partner with the Centre for Academic Quality, the Centre for Global
    Citizenship Education and Inclusion, the Centre for Part Time and Online Learning, the Libraries and
    Learning Centres, and Strategic Talent Management to deliver training for implementation of strategic


  • Minimum Master’s degree in education (with a focus on teaching, administration, adult
    education or organizational development) or social sciences – PhD preferred
  • 12 years of experience providing leadership in academic administration and delivering programs
    in post-secondary settings
  • Knowledge of adult learning theory and practice and commitment to life-long learning
    exemplified by an ongoing engagement in a range of practices to develop self and others
  • Knowledge of and experience implementing capacity building strategies for integration of
    Indigenous ways of knowing and learning, anti-racist pedagogies, equity, diversity, inclusion,
    accessibility and Universal Design for Learning
  • Strong written communication, including experience writing proposals and reports
  • Demonstrated experience in leading and conducting research and knowledge of Indigenous
    research methodologies
  • Training and development and/or program planning experience
  • Demonstrated experience in leading the integration of academic technology
  • Experience in working in highly complex environments
  • Strong leadership, project management, change management and conflict resolution skills
  • Proven ability to set and achieve priorities, engage teams, and work within budgets
  • Proven ability to use collaborative approaches to resolve complex issues, especially when
    working in a unionized setting and across departmental or divisional boundaries
  • Professional commitment to staff and students with a broad spectrum of needs in their pursuit
    of academic achievement and success
  • Demonstrated experience, knowledge and understanding of working effectively in a diverse