Intercultural Champion

May 11, 2022
Calgary, Canada
Job Type
Annual Salary
60 - 80K
Closing Date


Studying abroad is an incredible — and sometimes daunting — experience. SAIT’s International Centre is focused on attracting international students to study at SAIT, assisting with their transition to the institute and life in Canada and supporting them while they study here. If you have a passion for guiding students to new opportunities, and have experience supporting and mentoring international, we want to meet you.
The Opportunity
The Intercultural Champion elevates and brings focus to the development of institutional intercultural competence to meet the learning needs of an increasingly diverse student body and the development of a global campus.
The incumbent is a resident expert in the development and implementation of intercultural and global learning initiatives across SAIT.
The incumbent supports and enables institutional and cross-divisional strategies and initiatives to advance intercultural and global learning and, supporting SAIT’s Strategic Plan of becoming a Global Campus.
As the resident expert, the incumbent champions intercultural development and competence across SAIT, including coaching and advising staff on how to manage and overcome intercultural barriers to learning across campus. The incumbent also serves on cross-functional councils and committees to support the advancement of international and intercultural strategies and priorities.

Knowledge and Skills

Skills Required
  • Strong coordination and facilitation skills
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • Strong organization and time management skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues related to equity such as intercultural understanding, anti-racism, cultural safety, human rights, language rights, and cultural retention

Duties and Responsibilities

Champion Intercultural Support Strategy (ISS)
    • Co-chair Intercultural Support Strategy working group
    • Ensure international student learning goals are woven into ISS
    • Co-lead ISS updates and renewals at appropriate intervals of the cycle
    • Be SAIT’s subject matter expert on intercultural training and campus development
    • Advise senior leadership on interculturalizing and internationalizing SAIT’s campus
    • Track and monitor SAIT’s intercultural goals and initiatives
    • Report on the SAIT’s intercultural goals and initiatives annually
    • Conduct intercultural and global competency audits within SAIT (departments and schools as requested)
    • Support the implementation of SGO across campus and beyond
Champion Internationalization Strategy
    • Through campus-wide engagement and consultation process, develop SAIT’s Internationalization strategy
    • Serve on Internationalization working group
    • Develop framework to track and measure advancement of Internationalization strategy goals and outcomes
    • Collaborate with other departments and schools to activate cross-functional initiatives within the Internationalization strategy
    • Raise awareness and understanding of “internationalization at home”
    • Support implementation of “internationalization at home”
Promote and Coordinate Intercultural Training
    • Develop communication plans to promote and engage PERS 148: Introduction to Effective Intercultural Communication—SAIT’s 6-week intercultural communications course—SAIT staff and students
    • In partnership with leadership groups across campus, establish training targets in each department
    • Attend department leadership and program meetings to raise awareness of intercultural learner needs, as well as int’l student learner gaps, and promote PERS 148
    • Coordinate, where appropriate, bespoke sections of SAIT’s Intercultural Communications course for specific departments
    • In partnership with CADI and School leadership, develop plans to coordinate SAIT’s Intercultural Communications (PERS 148) course for programs with high levels of international and permanent resident students
    • In partnership with Study Abroad team, train outbound students and staff on intercultural communication and teamwork skills
    • Coordinate bespoke training workshops for Schools and department staff as requested
    • Familiarize and incorporate Truth and Reconciliation and Indigenous recognition practices in deliverables
Conduct research on Intercultural and Global skill development
    • Undertake research on intercultural campus development within post-secondary education
    • Partner with SAIT internal and external stakeholders to undertake research on intercultural learning techniques and strategies within post-secondary education
    • Research the nexus between intercultural competence and polytechnic education and applied learning
    • Conduct research on global and intercultural competencies skill development
    • Present finding to senior leadership and the campus community more widely
Develop Training Workshops and Advise and Coach staff
  • In partnership with leadership groups across campus, EDI and CADI, identify intercultural skill gaps across campus
  • In partnership with EDI and LAS, and in alignment with best practices in post-secondary education, develop workshops and training for SAIT staff on overcoming intercultural barriers to service provision and advancing the development of a more inclusive and global campus
  • Coach staff on how to navigate and address racial micro-aggressions inside and outside of the classroom
  • Share resources to help academic staff develop awareness and understanding of intercultural conflict
  • Liaise and advise with Community Conduct and Ombuds teams on interpreting cases involving intercultural conflict or misunderstanding
  • Develop framework and tools to support and enable the advancement of applied learning through an intercultural and global lens


  • An undergraduate degree in one of the following areas (not restricted to, but preferred): Education, International Studies, Sociology, Social Work. Masters in a related field would be an asset.
  • Certification of an Intercultural Course, or Equity, Diversity & Inclusion preferred      
  • Ability to project manage and meet deadlines in a fast-paced and evolving environment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and able to work effectively with a variety of stakeholders
  • Must be able to effectively manage competing priorities
  • Experience living, working or studying abroad preferred.
  • Working with diverse populations along with evidence of strong intercultural competency

How to Apply