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June 2, 2022
Calgary, Canada
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Reporting to the Associate Director, the position of Manager, Learner Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, applies critical human rights and EDI expertise to the leadership and coordination of the Learner Diversity and Inclusion team with the overall responsibility of planning, developing, implementing, administering, and improving the overall operation to meet learner inclusion and access goals of the College. This position guides and facilitates the College’s compliance with Alberta Human Rights Act as it pertains to students, Learner Accommodation Policy and associated procedures, Sexual Violence & Code of Conduct Policies, and current and future learner EDI frameworks.

Specifically, the incumbent is responsible for:

  • Professional consultation, development, promotion, and delivery of learner equity, diversity and inclusion services for all Bow Valley College learners including but not limited to academic accommodations for learners with disabilities, religious accommodations and other accommodation of protected grounds in compliance with Alberta Human Rights legislations, equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, awareness and training, and learner conduct (rights and responsibilities).
  • Management/supervision of the day-to-day operations of the Learner Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion team

Given the ever growing and evolving curriculum and program landscape at the College, there is increased pressure and complexity within the EDI portfolio, making the management of learner diversity and inclusion operations and service performance tracking an ongoing challenge for this position and of critical importance to supporting the College legislative compliance, and enrolment and graduation goals.

Knowledge and Skills

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • 4 years.
  • An equivalent combination of directly related education and experience may be considered.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Masters Degree.
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience in a related setting where skills and expertise required with 2 years progressively more responsibility and supervisory experience demonstrated in the administration of operations and service including leadership, supervisory experience and strategic planning .
  • Preference will be given to candidates with directly related post-secondary experience.
  • Experience in a related setting where skills and expertise required have been demonstrated.
  • Alberta Human Rights legislation interpretation and application experience in the post-secondary setting.
  • In-depth experience of psychoeducational assessment techniques, reporting and interpretation.
  • Experience using learning strategies, resources and techniques.
  • Experience supervising people and leading a diverse team.
  • Experience working with learners in a post-secondary setting.
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Demonstrated success in positive, team-oriented leadership.
  • Strong project and team management/supervisory skills.
  • Ability to drive change and innovate in a teaching and learning environment.
  • Ability to lead and be part of a team that works with learners who require minimal to intense supports.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, employees and learners/alumni.
  • Strong written and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work productively with all levels of employees and the ability to work collaboratively in an active learner-related team environment.
  • Strong knowledge of the post-secondary education environment and experience working with learners in a post-secondary setting.
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced, service based environment.
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills with ability to build effective working relationships with college departments, faculty and staff.
  • Strong ability to manage resources.

Duties and Responsibilities

Team Development

  • Exercises overall managerial direction of the area of responsibility with available resources for the purpose of delivering high-quality service to the College Leadership Team that advances the College’s strategic goals.
  • Recruits and hires staff to meet the changing needs of the departments.
    • Writes and reviews job descriptions, recruitment action forms
    • Reviews postings and interview scripts
    • Shortlists candidates, establishes interviews panels
    • Evaluates candidates and selects candidate to be hired
  • Responsible supervision, evaluation, scheduling, disciplining, performance management and motivation of direct staff to ensure optimal service is maintained.
    • Providing direction and feedback for employee’s work.
    • Performance appraisals on direct reports
    • Identifies and takes corrective action on performance issues.
    • Coaching staff, including first-level performance management conversations, on performance issues.
    • Escalating and discussing performance and discipline concerns with their direct manager when the issues move beyond first-level performance management.
    • Approves and monitors vacation and other applicable absence requests and overtime of direct reports within budget parameters.
    • Develops employees in the competencies and technical requirements of their work; determines appropriate professional development; ensures that new staff are appropriately orientated and trained. Maintenance of Agresso absence reports, vacation and other absence approvals .
    • Interprets and applies the terms of relevant collective agreements and represents management in responding to grievances of employees
  • Creates, maintains and monitors annual goals / deliverables for areas of responsibility accountability based on institutional strategic priorities and manages staff to successful completion of the goals.
  • Develops, manages, and monitors financial budgets for areas of responsibility, including developing business cases when needed, for the most effective use of budget dollars.
  • Develops, maintains, and monitors annual goals / deliverables for areas of responsibility and manages staff to successful completion of the goals.
  • Works to resolve case escalations referred from their direct reports, including helping direct reports and students interpret, understand, and apply College policies/procedures/guidelines.
  • Manages and supervises the work of direct reports to ensure effective and consistent service. This includes having regular individual or team meetings as appropriate.
  • Exercises overall authority to assign/reassign work of employees based on operational needs to deliver on the goals of the department and the College.
  • Interprets and applies the terms of relevant collective agreements and represents management in responding to grievances of employees
  • Reviews work, as necessary, prior to distribution to stakeholders.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable College policy and procedure, government legislation, regulations and guidelines,.
  • Investigates, leads the response to, and reports to the College’s privacy office on privacy breach incidents for areas of responsibility.
  • Proposes revisions to College procedures and gives input on revisions to College policies associated with areas of responsibility.
  • Maintains effective and positive relationships with relevant stakeholders across the College.

Professional consultation, development, promotion, and delivery of diversity and inclusion services for all Bow Valley College learners

  • Through the expert lens of an education professional, applies understanding of major issues and emerging trends in the Post-Secondary environment and, in particular, the strategic leadership and service delivery of the Learner Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) team, from long-term planning to effective stewardship and ongoing assessment of resources.
  • Engages in forward-looking Learner  EDI services development in order to successfully reach and aide in the success and retention of all learners including those who attend on-line and at regional sites.
  • Develops, delivers and maintains a comprehensive equity, diversity and inclusion plan based on College goals, best practices as well as the unique needs of adult learners, ensuring quality standards and promoting college goals, values, and objectives.
  • Working closely with the rest of the Student Services, the incumbent is responsible for maintaining the highest level of service to staff, faculty and learners of BVC for all functions of the team.
  • Develops strong partnerships and cultivates effective working relationships within the College, working closely with Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, Faculty and administrators to ensure accurate and timely information is distributed to learners as needed, and in particular to keep apprised of new and current (changing)  College information
  • Compiles critical performance metrics and specialized statistical data and writes reports to support recommendations for business and/or strategic planning to resource future operations and/or growth.
  • Utilizes data, metrics, and feedback to lead continuous improvement.
  • Accountable for monitoring and reporting of budget activities within the unit.
  • In collaboration with Marketing, manages the development of informational materials regarding learner EDI services provided to learners and targeted student communications, customized for diverse student audiences.
  • Represents Student Services on College committees as appropriate.
  • Engages in self-directed learning and professional development to maintain and advance awareness of current and emerging trends in diversity and inclusion that may be applicable to the Bow Valley College context
  • Facilitates the College’s compliance with Alberta Human Rights Act, Learner Accommodation, Code of Conduct and Sexual Violence Policies, and overall learner access and inclusion goals.
  • Develops, reviews, and revises policies including, but not limited to the Learner Accommodation Policy and accompanying procedures, and Sexual Violence Policy and Procedure for learners.
  • Ensures that policies, protocols, materials, and practices comply with Alberta Human Rights Act, applicable provincial frameworks and, where possible, best practice.
  • Liaises with academic departments regarding best practice for referral, accessibility assistance for learners and promotion and compliance with accommodation, Code of Conduct and Sexual Violence Policies.
  • Liaises collaboratively and holistically with BVC faculty regarding implementation of appropriate strategies that promote success for learners with diverse needs to reduce or eliminate barriers to learning.
  • Builds institutional capacity and culture to integrate equity and inclusion considerations in research, teaching, learning, communication, and service delivery.
  • Oversight of response to requests and queries related to the Accommodation Policy, specifically religious accommodation procedure.
  • Oversight of the Intercultural Centre including strategic planning, learner engagement and activities that occur.
  • Oversight of the College’s multi-faith space including bookings and issues that arise.
  • Consults with BVC legal counsel on matters related to Human Rights and learner accommodations on protected grounds.
  • Liaises with Alberta Human Rights Commission on issues of learner accommodation when necessary.
  • Monitors trends related to human rights incidents, best practices and legislations and make recommendations to minimize legal risk and increase capacity.
  • Develops and executes human rights, EDI education and awareness frameworks for faculty, staff and learners.
  • Consults with other Student Services team members regarding services, programs, resources or possibilities for diverse learner population in the spirit of maximizing access for all learners.
  • Leads compliance for the maintenance and development of highly confidential and sensitive learner records (electronic and paper) pertaining to psycho-educational assessments and accommodation records.
  • Leads the development and delivery of educational programming, workshops, training and presentations on Human Rights, learner accommodations, inclusion and UDL including the development of toolkits for faculty and staff to use with diverse learner population (e.g., LGBTQ2S+, disabilities, etc.).
  • Consults with faculty in the development and revision of curriculum and teaching practices that incorporate UDL to ensure inclusion for all learners.
  • Ensures the execution of awareness-building around the College’s multi-faith space, Gender & Sexual Diversity space, Intercultural Centre and other relevant spaces related to belonging and inclusion
  • Leads the distribution and awareness of major religious holidays for faculty to raise awareness around scheduling tests and improving access and inclusion for all learners.
  • Maintains, develops and promotes accessibility services based on the needs of adult learners.
  • Liaises with the department coordinators, deans, directors, and regional learning partners to effectively manage inclusive and accessible learning and support of learners with difficulties and disabilities as identified by absences, behaviour, lack of progress, poor performance.
  • Facilitates employee learning by modelling universal design approaches in workshops and training opportunities
  • Promotes the use of technology to develop solutions that enhance learning.
  • Communicates with external agencies, and other Post-Secondary institutions to stay current with rapidly changing knowledge regarding accommodations for learners and universal learning design approaches that support a diverse range of learners and learning.
  • Develops proposals for optimal provision of services, research and/or cost recovery of services.
  • Complex Case Consultation and participation in direct learner appointment as required including:
  • Using psychoeducational and/or medical documentation, as well as learner histories, coordinates assessment of learner needs, determine learning gaps, recognize learning opportunities, and develop and deliver learning resources, including assistive technology assessments as required in complex cases.
  • Consults with accessibility advisors on cases which include complex individual accommodation plans.
  • Provides professional consultation regarding psycho-educational documentation received to support accommodations for learners with disabilities.
  • Meets with learners regarding escalated inquiries around Human Rights and the Learner Accommodation Policy.
  • Meets with learners around escalated issues related to multi-faith space, gender-inclusive washrooms and other inclusive spaces.
  • Refers learners to appropriate college and external departments, agencies, services when required.
  • Responds to learners experiencing high levels of stress and in emotionally charged, sensitive situations when the accessibility team requires this support.
  • Reviews learner concerns about service delivered from Learner Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team.
  • Consultation for team regarding learner behavior challenges.
  • Consultation for team regarding learner safety risk (danger to self or others).
  • Consultation regarding learner mental health issues and management.
  • Maintenance of appropriate learner records.


Master's preferred

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