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March 14, 2023
Prince George, Canada
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Reporting to the VP, Students Affairs, the Registrar provides leadership in all areas related to Registrar Services across CNC’s multiple campuses. The Registrar facilitates the integrity of student movement through the College by ensuring consistent, efficient, and effective systems for screening, admitting, registering, scheduling, tracking, transferring to other institutions, and credentialing. The Registrar is a key leader in the Strategic Enrolment Planning and Management work; they are a key member of Education Council (“EdCo”) that sets and plans forward academic policies and procedures. The Registrar is responsible for the effective operations of Registrar Services, leading a multi-disciplinary team of 33 professionals to ensure optimum accountability, leadership, and responsibility of all staff. They establish consultative and collaborative mechanisms for the performance of tasks and achievement of excellence in departmental objectives. The Registrar ensures the integrity of College student records and credentials, in alignment with legislation and the work of EdCo.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a progressive leader to create a leading edge Registrar’s Office that will serve as the administrative centre of CNC’s many pan-institutional initiatives.


The Registrar should be a refined leader and well experienced with the complexities of the post-secondary administrative operations. Possessing an inclusive collaborative leadership style, the Registrar builds engagement with faculty, staff, students, and management by creating a true team environment leveraging the considerable expertise and strength that exists across the institution. The Registrar should also be decisive and possess sufficient business acumen, understanding of technology, and policy expertise to assist division staff with complex decision making, as well as guiding colleagues through challenging initiatives.

Knowledge and Skills

Core Competencies

Leadership – Achieves desired organizational results by encouraging and supporting the contribution of others; a proactive and positive team player who acts with a sense of urgency and leads by example; sets and communicates clear goals.
Accountable – Holds self and others accountable for responsibilities; focuses on results and measuring attainment of outcomes in a business focus.
Strategic – Develops/implements a plan in support of organizational strategic direction. Demonstrates an understanding of the link between job responsibilities and overall organizational goals and needs, and performs one’s job with the broader goals in mind.
Integrity and Honesty – Demonstrates a resolute commitment to and respect for the rules and core values of the organization, setting an example of professionalism and ethical propriety.
People Development – Fosters long-term learning and development of others through coaching, man-aging performance, and mentoring; has a genuine desire to develop others and help them succeed; formally recognizes deserving staff and colleagues.
Communication – Clearly presents written and verbal information and writes with clarity and purpose; communicates effectively in both positive as well as negative circumstances; listens well.
Creativity and Innovation – Develops new insights into situations and questions conventional approaches; encourages new ideas and innovations; designs and implements new, cutting edge programs/processes.
Effective Working Relationships – Treats colleagues, staff, and students with respect; resolves conflicts respectfully, in a timely manner; negotiates effectively; provides effective feedback to colleagues/employees.
Influential and Collaborative – Has an honest, open, consistent approach to working with others; possesses strong relationship and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build relationships and develop/maintain partnerships, obtaining stakeholder agreement.
Student-Focused – Anticipates and responds to the needs of colleagues and students, and other internal and external stakeholders of the College; keeps student interests in the forefront.

Duties and Responsibilities

Nature & Scope
• As the authority for the College's student records, the Registrar is responsible for the overall integrity, service, functioning and performance of CNC's Registrar Services; they provide leadership and direction regarding policies, practices, systems and operations in recruitment, admissions, registration, enrolment strategies, student systems, records, scheduling, and graduation;      
• The Registrar works collaboratively with Institutional Research and Enrolment Management in the accurate, effective institutional enrolment planning and supporting enrolment strategies;  
• Plays a critical role in the overall planning and operational processes for the institution, including strategic and educational planning; this position requires the Registrar to be knowledgeable in the areas of policy, advocacy, college operations, educational planning, legislation, and project management;
• Serves as a member of EdCo Integrated Curriculum Committee, EdCo Policy Committee, SEM Data Committee, SEM Steering Committee, Student Affairs Leadership, Senior Leadership Committee, Senior Education Leadership Committee, Student Affairs and Academic Leadership Committee, in addition to representing the college on provincial and national committees;           
• The Registrar has College-wide responsibility for leadership in Office of the Registrar functions, requiring effective management of operational human, financial and capital resources within the team;       
• Serves as a member of the team that is actively engaged in contributing to and accomplishing the vision, mission, and goals of the College's Strategic Plan Academic Plan, International Plan and SEM Plan sup-porting the aspirations and needs of all students; and           
• Promotes a positive work atmosphere by interacting and communicating in a professional manner that demonstrates mutual respect with students and colleagues.

Specific Duties
• Provides strategic leadership, analysis, advice and administration in relation to policies and procedures regarding admissions, registration, enrolment strategies and management, information and data integrity, student systems, records, scheduling and graduation;
• Actively conducts and/or participates in education planning, policy/procedural reviews and analysis, and makes recommendations and proposals to senior management, Student Affairs and Academic Leadership, Senior Education Leadership, Education Council, and other relevant college stakeholders;
• Plays a key role in achieving the enrollment targets for domestic, international, and Indigenous students;
• Ensures that decisions and processes related to Registrar Services are developed collaboratively, coordinated and communicated with other departments of the College and to the external community as appropriate;
• Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that College services, records, policies, procedures and systems provide excellent service to students;
• Develops and maintains positive and effective relationships with external agencies and other post-secondary institutions. The Registrar must project a presence that is credible and reflects the College's commitment to high standards of service to students;
• Supports and guides the effective use of technology to enhance services to students and efficiencies within the College;
• Research, coordinate, collaborate and lead where appropriate the development, planning and implementation of enrolment systems with identified collaborative partners to include but not limited to new systems such as: Student Portal, Customer Relationship Model, as well as a holistic suite of Student Communication Tools (Al Chat, Live Chat, Mobile Apps, Texting, etc.);
• Participates and co-leads when appropriate within the Data SEM Team;
• Serve as an integral member of the development and maintenance of a Data Governance processes;
• Support continued website development, review and governance planning and processes;
• Responsible for the ongoing management of the Institutional Election procedures for Students and Staff positions on Education Council, and Board of Governors;
• Provides guidance, leadership and direction in the delivery of a coherent, effective domestic recruitment strategy aligned strategically with the international recruitment strategy;
• Directs the issuing of all College credentials and ensures the College complies with the requirements of the College and Institutes Act of British Columbia with regard to the role of the Registrar;
• Consults and collaborates to determine appropriate exceptions to admissions and records policies and procedures are managed;
• May chair student appeal committees;
• Supports a culture that embraces growth and innovation by encouraging the implementation of new initiatives to better support students and staff.
• Develops long term directions for Registrar Services;
• Ensures effective budget administration, departmental workforce planning, performance management and employee development;
• Understands and administers the provisions of the collective agreements, participates in making recommendations for changes to the collective agreements, and participates in collective agreement bargaining as required;
• Builds a culture characterized by communication, trust, respect acknowledgement, recognition and empowerment;
• Supports the integrity of the institution through demonstrated accountability, accuracy and impartial behaviors and service models;
• Provides expert advice, accurate, timely and comprehensive information on emerging issues; and
• Supports and develops a culture of coaching and mentoring.


Professional and Personal Qualifications
• Graduate degree in a relevant field, and a minimum of five years experience providing leadership within the area of registration, records, and scheduling in post-secondary education; or an equivalent combination of relevant education and experience;
• Demonstrated skills in project development, implementation and management directly related to postsecondary student information and communications;
• Understanding of Strategic Enrolment Management planning and development and experience in utilizing data-informed practice to execute enrolment management work;
• Demonstrated ability to create and maintain a positive student-centered working environment that supports learning and the provision of service for students and college employees;
• Awareness and sensitivity to the social, cultural and diversity issues in the College; engage in inclusion of the diversity issues in the Registrar work by embracing and modeling for and with students, staff and college partners;
• Understanding of institutional research and the use of data for educational and institutional planning;
• Exceptional communication skills resulting in effective communication, conflict management and dispute resolution;
• Demonstrated ability to network and build effective, collaborative relationships internally and externally;
• Demonstrated ability to maintain integrity & accuracy of decisions by demonstrating impartial behavior;
• Demonstrated expertise in human resource management, budget development and related administrative areas;
• Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with information technology relevant to students ' information systems including current and innovative enrolment systems for institutional efficiencies;
• Thorough knowledge and understanding of the structures and processes of the public and post-secondary educational system in British Columbia and other Canadian provinces; and
• Thorough understanding of the Colleges Institute Act of British Columbia an asset.

How to Apply

A competitive compensation package will be provided including an attractive base salary and excellent benefits. Further details will be discussed in a personal interview.

To apply, please visit our website.

Robin Noftall or Tony Kirschner
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